Save free lives on Candy Crush Saga.

When you open your game for the first time each day your lives will be full.. ie: you will have 5 lives and cannot accept more.
Even though your lives are full you will get the popup with your requests from your friends, see image below.

There will normally be 9 single lives and the last request will be several names but just one life, as you can only save 10 lives maximum in your message box.
DO NOT click accept on any of these extra lives if your lives are full or they will be lost forever!
Click on the BIG X top right of the popup to close the messages without claiming any lives.
When you have used your 5 lives look at the top right of the game and you will see a pink envelope. 
See image below.
Click on the envelope and your saved lives will be waiting. 
ONLY accept FIVE from the message box then close it again to save the rest 'till needed.
If you refresh the game or close it for any reason all the lives stored in the envelope will be lost, but if you have plenty of friends there should be more fresh ones sent.


Anonymous said...

This site keeps freezing just had to start over for third time now. Can't acess the left and right sides to get to the level numbers to read comments been using and enjoying it for around 8 months now on iphone 5. Please fix it thank you

Anonymous said...

I use to be able to click the X and the lives would be saved regardless. Now they don't save and I don't have the pink envelope where they should be saved. I only have the five when I open up (its not enough)lol Any help or advise pls.

Anonymous said...

So glad I read this to discover why I lose the lives I get from friends - it is because I reset often. Uh Oh.

Reebiel said...

When a friend gives you a life, sometimes it will be for a perticular level. I have clicked on these to accept while I was still on that level, but the lives don't show up in my "life's". How can I accept that help for that level?