Tips for level 87 Candy Crush Saga

AnonymousBy Kim Dukich 

What I know: 
The fruit can only leave if its in the last 4 columns, which is what the 4 small arrows at bottom means. 
The 5 columns on the left is where everything comes down from. 
As an item leaves one column it circulates back around and comes out the next column to the right, weaving up and down basically till they come out in the column with an arrow. 
Your aim is to try getting the cherries and acorns over to the right 4 columns as soon as possible by switching with a jelly to the right or weaving up and down through the columns (might take more moves). 
Try switching 2 stripes. It generally gets the weaving process speeded up. Single stripes don't seem to do much. 
I've only played it one time so still learning what matches work most. Hope this is helpful... Kim

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Tai Lee Siang said...

I made it through easily. The trick is to make sure the ingredients exit through the third column from the right side, this way, all subsequent ingredients will fall through the same column. Got it ?