Tips for level 500 Candy Crush Saga

  • From Carol Lynn 
  • I finally did it at about 2:00 this morning! Developed my own strategy

  • and went at it with apositive mind. I started on the side. 

  • I picked the rightside but I'm not sure it matters. 

  • Without breaking the top blocks I keptworking away at the side. 

  • Sometimes you gotta switch sides but try notto break the top creams 

  • on either side. 

  • This releases ingredients andfor this strategy, you don't want them until 

  • you are ready for them.

  •  Also, try to not break the top licorice cage or you'll keep getting licorice

  •  wheels and that can mess up you using your coconut wheel. I kept an

  •  eye out for possible vertical stripe moves and used them when I could. 

  • didn't concentrate on the cakes. When they happened, they happened

  • . As soon as I had one side opened to the bottom, I was able to open

  •  the top and bring the ingredients down. It took me several days but it 

  • finally worked.

From an anonymous player.
Funny how I passed this level after complaining on February 12th! For those of you still stuck, these are my tips:
1. Work on freeing candies from the licorice cages first. It helps if you start with a board that has immediate move to do that. This will keep your moves centred so the ingredients stay put.
2. Clear the licorice swirls and the bombs to create a clear path for the coconut wheel.
3. Try to get a vertical stripe to free the wheel and make moves to get one of the cakes down to two pieces left.
4. Release the wheel, hopefully exploding only one cake.
5. Clear as much of the cream as you can near the bottom of the side where the cake is gone.
6. Work on exploding the other cake.
7. Concentrate on clearing as much the cream near the bottom of the other side. Wrapped striped combos near the bottom will help.
8. Once the ingredients start falling, concentrate on vertical stripes or wrapped/stripe combos to get them through. Try to work one side of the board at a time.
9. Be mindful of bombs and chocolate!
10. Once all the ingredients are through one side, work on the other side.

I learned that it is crucial to get vertical stripes in the lane where the ingredients are. My final two did not appear until I used a vertical stripe. One ingredient went all the way through and the final ingredient appeared at the top. I worked on making another vertical stripe and it went through. I had two lollipop hammers, just in case, but didn't need them. I finished with one star! I will also say that I played on my PC last night and it had moved me to level 501! I just had to pass this level though so I did it on my phone this morning. I hope these tips help all who are hopelessly stuck!

More tips for Candy Crush Saga Level 500

The first thing to do is break the cakes. You need vertical stripes and stripe/wrap combos for this.
If you can keep the coconut wheel covered until you've broken one all the better as you can then use it to help clear the second one.
Once the cakes are gone you'll have chocolate to contend with but try not to worry about it too much as the stripe/wrap combos and colour bombs you need to make will keep it under control as you're clearing the path for the fruit.
DON'T move the fruit out of the outer 2 columns or you will have to move them back.
Groups of 3 will not do this, combos and colour bombs are the only way you will clear this in the moves available..Keep your eye on the bombs, if you get a chance to match one do it as they don't have a  long countdown and you may only get one chance.

More tips from Craig Norris
I found also on 500 too try to work on one side ( where the fruit falls first) and try not to break any of the walls on the other side of the screen so all the ingredients fall together and therefore easier to bring down ..and if you are lucky you can get a wrapped/striped combo that is near the edge ,and if you can bring it further down the screen and then detonate it so it clears the lower half of the screen .. hope this helps you ..i did the level this way ( 


Edie Fahey said...

I wont play the other games any more because U make it impossibly hard , and now I will give one more day tomorrow for thi, and I'm finished with this too I got cheated out of the price that I won on the will twice, and instead of the big ball that I landed on it gave my a lolly pop, witch is just useless!!Thank U for having me , but I must go off here to , it gets very frustrating Edie Fahey .. Several

Candy Crush Ray said...

Very helpful website. Thank you so much. Thanks to you i passed some levels my wife stuck with for weeks :P

Bill. said...

Very difficult had to buy extra lives.

junaid said...

This game has become addiction for me. This is the game that keep the player engaged using logic and skills. Thanks for the tips.

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten to 500 by being dumb. That being said, this level is ridiculously difficult and the hardest one, I think, yet. I have no idea why it has to be so difficult and despite all of the tips here, I have not been successful. I've been at it for about three weeks. This may be the end of the road for me because it is simply not a challenge anymore.

Anonymous said...

stuck for dayssss...

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous the last fruit only falls once you clear the bottom of one side usually with 0 moves left. Thank you so much CC developers is that our reward for reaching level 500?

Cynthia Scott said...

Can't do it even with all the comments. End of the line for me I'm afraid, it's becoming to time consuming. BTW this is a great site when your stuck. I'm not stuck I'm just not getting the candies to work with, on a roll with bad luck I guess

Leigh Ann said...

Finally beat it. I was able to leave the foil under the dispensers on one side. The stripey candies finally lined up right and the last ingredient was released when I had five or six moves left rather than on the last move. Also for some reason, the chocolate fan on the side where the ingredients were coming down didn't blow any chocolate until right at the end. The ingredients were on the right and the chocolate was piling up on the left so I was able to ignore the chocolate for most of it. Also, I didn't get many bombs and that helped. So a little skill and a whole lot of luck. I'm taking a break for a little while.

Anonymous said...

Near impossible level... What's the point of a level where you have a 1000 to 1 chance of progressing... King have post the plot, this game is not fun any more, it's just frustrating. Basically it's become an awful game of very little fun and practically no chance of progress without first enduring massive levels of annoyance...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last poster, what's the point of playing an impossible level, I don't have a candy wheel so no help there, been on this level two weeks and not even got anywhere near close to completing it. Time to find a more fun game, one thing for sure, I will never play another game designed by King.

Anonymous said...

After 4 weeks getting nowhere with this level it just gave it to me. A random move just started a cascade effect and the board almost cleared itself. I think candy crush (King) knew I was losing interest and set the game algorithm lower on their server...

Anonymous said...

Stuck for more than 3 months. Is there a fix outcome that when you swipe a stripe candy together with 2 same colors candy, you can determine wht the strike will be vertical or horizontal? Or the computer will determine? I always almost win this but cant....

Anonymous said...

The hardest level . Before the tips really helped . This level nothing helps me. Also my board seems to have more layers of cream on the bottom columns .Hate to leave the game so will try a few more days.

Anonymous said...

Darned, just payed 2 dollar for 10 extra moves and only got 4, do they need to engage in fraudulent activity over at King!!!?

Anonymous said...

Must have been my lucky day! Did it first time with 13 moves left! Can't believe it! I usually take ages to pass the difficult levels. Must have been a lucky board.

Raylo said...

Oh no! Just got here and was hoping for a reward for 500! Guess not. Oh well, 500 seems like a good number to end on.

Raylo said...

What luck! Right after I posted here, I completed it! Good luck all!

Cookie73 said...

Please help meeeee!