Candy Crush Saga Level 538

How to pass level 538 Candy Crush Saga without boosters
Video By Cookie.
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Tips for level 538 By Leslie Tiffi B
Work on those cages and clearing the first set of bombs. The jellies in the middle on the conveyer belt seem to come easy but the jellies on the far right and left sides will be the hardest to get. 
Wrapped/striped combos right in the dead center of the top or bottom are going to be helpful if you can get them. 
Also colour bomb/striped combos will help you clear out the jellies.


Bill. said...

Had five chocolate bombs appear all by themselves so very easy/lucky.

Anonymous said...

another super fun level!

Anonymous said...

I have cleared this twice but says I need one more, I can't see where this " one more " is..when I look I cannot see another jelly . Can someone help??

Anonymous said...

Twice I thought I had cleared the board and twice it told me I had one and the second time two more jellies but I could not see them are they hidden on the conveyor belt.

Pugmom said...

Watch out for the jelly on hype conveyor belt. When you think you have all the jelly cleared there will be a jelly on conveyor belt. I used a free hammer to break it.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.
Another level that is easier than it looks. Maybe to make up for those harder levels earlier on.

I managed to get through first try, but I was lucky in that I got a stripe that wiped out all the bombs straight off and the cascades opened the cages.

As always, combos work a treat but the last jellies can be hard to see, I thought I had cleared it and found one tucked away near the top, at the side.

Good luck, this one is do-able.

Raylo said...

Easy one. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

I found my first glitch in this game while doing this level last night. I cleared every single jelly and had the required total score and the game froze. I never got credit for passing it. I went back and tried it again and passed it right away. I even checked over and over to make sure I had cleared every jelly.

Anonymous said...

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I cleared all jellies did not see any on conveyor belt. Game said I had four more. Where could that many hide?
Does jelly look different on conveyor belt?