Candy Crush Saga Level 544

How to pass level 544 Candy Crush Saga without boosters
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Bill. said...

Just keep blasting away took six attempts.

Anonymous said...

I passed this on my second try. Very fun level! Lots of specials. As long as you keep the bombs under control, you don't need to pay much attention to the orders.

Anonymous said...

Game won't let me advance to level 110110 although I have 5 lives. It says I have to pay or ask friends. No luck with. Friends and I don't want to pay. Help

Anonymous said...

Can't get to level 111 won't let me advance without paying or asking friends. I really don't use Facebook. Help

Anonymous said...

Very easy level. First try, 12 moves left, over 500,000 points. Just work the center and keep and eye on the bombs.

Anonymous said...

another lovely level! chocolate bomb with striped two times did the trick, just keep your eyes on the timed bombs! did it first try!

Anonymous said...

finished this in one try after follwoing the advice of keeping close watch on the bombs.

Anonymous said...

OMG too pass this level first go you must have got a friggin lucky board wasteing lives like crazy :(

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here

It took me a while, to be honest.

The big thing to remember is you DON'T have to clear the iced squares on either side of the conveyor belt. Sure, it will help with matching candies if you can clear a few next to the belt but cleared bits at the far edges won't be of much use anyway.

Neither is it worth worrying about the orders and those colours specifically (till towards the end).

Your whole focus is on killing those central bombs, nothing much else.

Try for special candies-the board generates quite a few too. A vertical stripe on the conveyor belt is gold as it will clear the bombs for a few moves.

I got through by concentrating on stripe/wrap combos and waiting till one would come down the belt to match next to the opposite one on the side.

I needed more blues at the very end so in my last moves, when the bombs didn't matter, I concentrated on that.

Good luck.