Candy Crush Saga Level 548

Tips for level 548 Candy Crush Saga
First you need a sideways stripe to get the nut down onto the conveyor. Then make anothe sideways stripe, or a stripe/wrap combo and drop it to the bottom ready to use.. When the nut is on the next to bottom row fire off the stripe to let it out of the bottom. If you don't time it right it will go back to the top again.
You can use combos to move the nut down faster and get more points.
Video below.


Anonymous said...

Challenging, but passed it in less than 10 lives. It's all about horizontal stripes. First make one anywhere on the board to drop the fruit down onto the conveyor. Then set up a horizontal stripe on the bottom row and detonate it when the fruit is at the bottom of the conveyor with only one block below it. When I finally passed, I used a chocolate color bomb/stripe combo, but even that doesn't help as much as you'd like.

Bill. said...

Not quite sure how I won horizontal combinations certainly needed.

Anonymous said...

3 nuts to be release at this level.
1. prepare a strip / warp candy at bottom of the board (either left or right hand side) and waiting for the
approaching to bottom;
2. once the licorice are eliminate, won't be any more reappear;
3. colour bomb / strip will do damage once step no. 2 is being done.
Good luck!
player from Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I should have read this blog before my first attempt! It took me a while to realize that I needed a horizontal stripe at the very bottom. I saved it until the ingredient was right above the portal. I only got one ingredient through though as I ran out of moves!

Anonymous said...

I passed this on my third attempt. I have another suggestion to add. On my passing round, I ended up with many chocolate bombs. On the second move, I ended up with two together. I figured what the heck and exploded them. The first ingredient fell all the way through both portals. I got another chocolate bomb and saw that it was next to the same color that was under the bottom portal. I waited for the ingredient to get down there and exploded that bomb with the same color. I ended up with yet another chocolate bomb and did the same thing! 3 stars!

Anonymous said...

Once the 1st horizontal stripe is used to get the ingredient on to the conveyor....2 wrapped sweets combo worked for me on this level. The combo wipes the whole of the liquorice out and makes the ingredient drop straight through.

Anonymous said...

Did it first try without even reading here first! I feel awesome!

Ladilove said...

Must have been my lucky day, I got it on the first try. Just used stripes to get rid of the licorice and had a couple of choco balls early in. Worked on matching those up with stripes and that brought my nuts down.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.

It's not too bad although it took me several tries, a couple of days.

1. The hazelnut will not drop till you have a horizontal stripe you detonate to remove a piece of licorice.

2. Only one ingredient at a time comes down.

3. The hazelnut will not drop through at the end if the licorice is there, it will just loop to the top again. So if you can. have a striped candy waiting down in the bottom so you can remove that bottom licorice when
the hazelnut gets down there.

4. Stripe/wrap combos are good.
As are colour ball/striped candies. But some games more chances pop up, you just have to wait for that game.

5. Don't overlook moves within the conveyor belt, sometimes you might be able to move the hazelnut down 3 spaces & if it has a clear run, you'll get the next ingredient faster.

Anonymous said...

Level 548

This level is very technical it looks challenging and yes it is but not very hard.
* You have 1 conveyor belt with lots of licorice and all 3 ingredients come down here.

* Your stripe-making skills will be tested in this level. Make a lot of horizontal stripes and place it in the lowest row of either right or left.
Use a stripe to bring down the ingredient to the conveyor belt.

* Make lots of stripes or stripe + wrapped combo and use it when the ingredient is situated in the conveyor belt the second to the lowest level. You use the stripes to eliminate the licorice/ candy the ingredient falls and cleared!

Just make lots of stripes and place it in the lowest row. Good luck everyone! - LEI

Anonymous said...

Where's the last acorn?
Two times in a row I kept waiting for the last acorn to come down. Both times all the licorice had been taken care of. one time I had 10 moves, the next time I had 14.
What's the secret???