Candy Crush Saga Level 550

Tips for level 550 Candy Crush Saga
This is a jelly level with a cake in the middle, there is jelly under the cake so it has to be removed to clear the jelly.
The conveyors both move down the board and are very helpful for removing the cake.
You can let the candies you need move down the coneyor to get to the bottom half of the cake. 
Once the cake is removed it's fairly straightforward removing the jelly.
Video below.


Anonymous said...

This level seemed like it was going to be hard at first, and getting those last few squares in the corners can be, but I beat this with only a couple of lives. I used a chocolate color bomb/striped combo to make some progress, and then a wrapped/striped combo near the bottom to clear the rest.

Anonymous said...

besides conveyor, licorice also with the cake cover the jelly as well!
1. breaking the cake is fairy easy, make full use of the conveyor to mix the candy; but if u can damage the licorice before breaking the last piece of cake will help a lot, after the horn, will break the first layer of jelly once, leaving the last layer of jelly easy to deal with;
2. both the bottom edge corners are the difficult cell to break, if possible, break them with colour bomb / strip; strip / wrap at bottom of the board.
Good luck!
player from Malaysia.

Bill. said...

Corners very difficult concentrate on vertical stripes after exploding the cake. Chocolate bombs essential in my case.

Anonymous said...

i also needed the chocolate bombs, lol, the last one landed in the last jelly! how convenient! it was fun!

Anonymous said...

These conveyor belt levels are awful and boring and not much fun, and I cannot be bothered playing this game anymore. So long CC.

MichelleDV said...

Those corners sure are tricky. On my fifth attempt, I got down to one jelly in the corner and one turn left. I succumbed to a free daily spin hammer!

LEI said...

Level 550

This is a jelly clearing level! One of the more easy levels in this gut-wrenching episode! You have a pudding cake in the middle, all jellies are located in the lower part of the board.

*First move must be to clear the pudding cake use special candies from the conveyor belt to clear the cake. When the cannons go of the blocks are removed.

* I made 2 stripe + wrapped combo that cleared most blocks and jellies. A stripe + color bomb can clear most jellies .

Have fun candy crushing!

Anonymous said...

I Love the conveyor. Love it has really helped me plan.