Candy Crush Saga Level 556

Tips for level 556 Candy Crush Saga
Jelly level with 35 moves, chocolate machines, a conveyor belt and very restricted playing area. Fun? Not. 
The good things are that there are lots of mystery candies on the board so with luck you can get the special candies you need to clear the jelly.
You can't match the candies in the jelly as they are all separated by empty squares, so you need vertical stripes or stripe/wrap combos. Better still colour bombs either alone or matched with a stripe or wrap.
Keep your eye on the chocolate as it will block the top and prevent more candies from falling.
Video below


Bill. said...

Striped plus wrapped candies are the key to clear the bottom jelly. Again enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

concentrate on making combos, striped with chocolate bomb! or striped with package! both work, clears everything! completed first attempt!

LEI said...

Level 556

Another clear the jelly level and easy level! Use the mystery candies from the conveyor belt to blast the jellies on the isolated spaces below. Good luck have fun! This is a fun easy level!

Raylo said...

Loved this level too!