Candy Crush Saga Level 559

Tips for level 559 Candy Crush Saga
Ingredients level. not too difficult, you have 3 conveyors, all moving in the same direction and the ingredients have to cross them all to get out of the bottom. There is licorice dropping down also which blocks your moves quite a bit.
The only thing you have to do is match below the ingredients as they pass over the exits in the middle 5 columns.
Video below


Bill. said...

Firstly clear the liquorice below the belts then drop the fruit and you can then concentrate on getting the fruit all the way down. Completed second attempt much easier than previous level.

Anonymous said...

a pleasure after the last one! got on first try, basic moves with stripes!

LEI said...

Level 559
Requirement: clear 4 ingredients

This level is not very difficult; you have 3 conveyors belts these ingredients have to cross them all to get cleared at the bottom exits.

The main thing making clearing of ingredients difficult is there is licorice dropping down along with the ingredients which blocks the effect of your moves or combos.

When the ingredients pass thru the exit columns you have to make moves or combos to bring them down. Wrapped + striped combos are very useful here. Along with wrapped candies..very useful because it eliminates the licorice.

Have fun clearing ingredients and crushing candies!