Candy Crush Saga Level 561

Tips for level 561 Candy Crush Saga
This level has a conveyor that moves around in a continuous line around the board, covered with licorice. Inside the conveyor is a line of multi layered cream.
There is jelly underneath all the cream and some of the licorice, also a few squares of jelly in the middle.
Clear the cream and ligorice to get at the jelly and make as many combos as possible to get a good score.. Lines of 3 won't be enough to clear everything so colour bombs and other combos will be needed. No bombs so you can just relax and enjoy!
Video below.
More tips by Leslie Tiffi B.
... Work on breaking through the cream blockers and clear the liquorice as soon as possible and keep an eye out for possible combos on the conveyor belt , wrapped and stripe combos are good and will do some damage , all the jelly is double jelly and only every second one around the edges


Bill. said...

Second attempt combinations to clear the bricks then quite easy.

Anonymous said...

completed first attempt! just watch the board for the combo's to make, quite fun!

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here.

This level is fun, no bombs.

But I thought I would drop a word in here for anyone else who, like me, doesn't breeze through it.

It took me a good 30 turns or more to get through, although I was often getting close, within one or two jellies (although a few times I still had most of one wall left).

I don't think there is any particular trick, except you must get the chance to make special combos. A vertical stripe exactly on one of the side cream walls or a horizontal along the bottom helps a lot.

I got through with a couple of stripe/wrap combos. In my winning turn (unlike some other turns) there were no colour balls. I didn't play any better than previous times, it is just when I got to the last 2 jellies, there were turns possible.

So if like me, you strike a run of dud boards, just hang in there. I really think the system sends easier/harder games not quite at random.

Anonymous said...

I have just completed this level 561 with a high score and it has not been credited. Help