Candy Crush Saga Level 563

Tips for level 563 Candy Crush Saga
You need to get 10 ingredients down in 25 moves..
Easy enough you would think, but the conveyor goes around the board in a continuous loop, taking the ingredients with it if you let it!
The conveyor will help you if you plan your moves carefully, but the last thing you want is to get the ingredients to the bottom only to have them taken back up by the conveyor!
As there are limited moves you will need some colour bombs and other combos to get all the ingredients down.
Video below


Joni said...

How I hated this one! Took at least 25 tries for me. You must have lots of luck on this one.

Tiffy B said...

I didnt think too much of getting the ingredients down ,I worked on making combos , esp colour combs and wraps multiple times and colour bomb and stripe once and done it with 6 moves left

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I got this level in the first try. I just concentrated on trying to get the ingredients down and making specials whenever I could. So nice to get this so quickly after spending two weeks on the previous level.

Anonymous said...

much better than the last level, got it on the second try and it was a lot of fun! combos helped get the ingredients to the bottom!

Anonymous said...

Just shows how contrary this game is - this level took me much longer to pass than the previous one. AS

Anonymous said...

This took me six tries, and several times I was down to one ingredient to go. Vertical-blasting stripes and striped/wrapped combos were useful here, as was setting up three-candy melds on the bottom row and then setting them off when ingredients on the conveyor were over them. Most of the time, only two ingredients were on the board at once, so getting those stripes was important.

Bill. said...

Much easier than previous level use wrapped candies to blow away jelly, good fun.

Anonymous said...

Use the conveyor belt to your advantage. Make verticals to drop off the fruit and also don't forget to look where your fruit is. (I got a couple fruit on the corner and a simple switch of colors did it to drop them off). I brought the fruit down as far as I could and made combo's (vertical and wrapped) to clear. I didn't have any jelly. Thought it was fun!

melodie cardinal said...

With this level, you need as MANY combos as possible, use mystery candy to your advantage. Sometimes you don't clear half the board, game over. COMBOS they are there.

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here.
You have all made me feel much better, after I was the only person 2 levels back who found it tricky.

This level I got through in 2 turns, though not in a blaze of glory, I have to admit. One star.

How I did it is this. You need to get the first couple down asap so more fruit will drop.
It is fairly easy to get stripes & other combos though I didn't get any colour ball combined with special candy in my winning turn.

When I got a stripe though, I held off using it if I could, till the fruit was in a line with it. This was easier than it sounds as either the fruit or the stripe seemed to land on a belt at some stage.

I had a couple of wrapped together to at one stage and that got 2 ingredients through.

But just looking ahead for when the ingredients will be directly in line with a stripe will help.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Completed this on the 2nd try. Almost like the game played itself.

J Tucker said...

thanks all, after reading your tips I got this on the 1st try with just one move left, I never did get a choc ball, but the vertical stripes helped tremendously