Candy Crush Saga Level 572

Tips for level 572 Candy Crush Saga 


Joni said...

This took a good 10 tries. A color bomb with a purple stripe really helped. Combos galore are needed here.

Anonymous said...

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, piece of cake: in the first try with 8 moves left. Lots of colour bombs, 4 or 5 I think, and purples kept on falling.

This level belongs in the first 50 levels of the CC game.

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Marc Shapiro said...

How do I get more purples to appear? I am chocolate bombing them 3-4 times per game, but don't get enough purples to appear so I can eliminate enough to get through this round.

Anonymous said...

marc shapiro make sure you have both sides cleared so more candies can drop! it's always good to have combo's because they generate more purples falling!
this was another fun level!

Anonymous said...

When you have a chocolate bomb, don' t use it with the color you need. Eliminating a different color will cause the wanted color candies to fall. I found this a very easy level, I was lucky on my first try. Just make sure you can eliminate the blocks as soon as possible. - Gabi

Bill. said...

Good fun use the chocolate bomb on any coloured striped candy.

LEI said...

Level 572

Collect purple candies

20,000- 1 star
50,000- 2 stars
90,000- 3 stars

This is a rather simple level you have 1 conveyor belt up top with candies on it, the right and center openings have blocks on them so make matches to remove those.

You have a frozen color bomb below use it wisely. Remember the best way to beat requirement levels like this is to make massive destructions that trigger new candies of purple to come down.

If there are lots of purple candies match the color bomb with purple. If there are a few remove any candy color. Wrapped combos are helpful too because of its massive destruction.
Good luck crushing candies!