Candy Crush Saga Level 592

Tips for level 592 Candy Crush
Clear the cream from at least one side of the board to uncover the exits for the ingredients. I prefer to use the right hand side as it gives time to plan moves and prepare for the ingredients to arrive in the correct position.
Then let the ingredients fall down onto the conveyor and allow them to travel along to the columns with the exits underneath.
While they are travelling along you can prepare your specials above the end columns which will send them down the exits.
A stripe/wrap combo in one of the 3 end columns or anywhere below the top conveyor will get the fruit down, or a colour bomb/stripe providing you have some candies of the right colour ready in the end columns or along the bottom.
Try to get the ingredients off the top conveyor belt once they're in position over the holes so getting them down will be easier.
Video below.


Bill. said...

Good fun, Clear the bricks then watch carefully to lower the fruit in the two outer columns either side. Took three attempts.

Anonymous said...

Fun level agreed. Took 4 attempts but I concentrated on left side as it saved moves along belt.

Anonymous said...

yay, a fun level :)Not too hard if you can use striped wrapped to clear the side & get the candy to go down there, another striped wrapped does the job if you need it :)