Candy Crush Saga Level 594

Tips for level 594 Candy Crush Saga 
In level 594 the conveyor is your friend, it will deliver candies into the right corner where all the jelly is hidden under the licorice.
As usual, combos are the answer to completing this level. Stripe/wraps are good if you get them into the bottom half of the board and colour bomb/stripe if you can get them together. Wraps, either lone or with another special will do a lot of damage if you can get them into the licorice or jelly.
Video below.


Anonymous said...

Pretty easy, 2 tries for me. Use the conveyor to your advantage to bring candies over to the right side

Bill. said...

First attempt use the conveyor to bring candies to your advantage.

Pugmom said...

Got it on third try. Make combos on bottom of board. Fish combos are very helpful.

Barb Whitlock said...

this is absolutely the devil! The board is so generous with chocolate bombs, stripes, wraps, etc. that when you think you've set up a vertical 'strike' one wrong move elsewhere on the board and suddenly bombs and wraps, etc. are exploding all over the place taking out your carefully set up vertical! I've been on this for a good week or so, and getting nowhere. I will admit to getting down to one ingredient. Very frustrating.