Candy Crush Soda Saga

NEW from the developers of the number one Facebook game Candy Crush Saga! 
Another match three game with a slight twist, rescue bears!
Some bears are frozen in ice which has to be cleared to release them, but you have to find them first as they are hidden under the ice, others have to be floated up to the surface by matching bottles and filling up the water.
The gameplay is very similar to the original Candy Crush with a few slight differences.
You can make a fish by matching 4 together to form a square, when you match the fish it only removes one candy, but usually a useful one like a bottle or chocolate.
Match a fish with another special and you get one special, stripe/wrap etc, depending on what you matched the fish with.
Switching a colour bomb with a stripe works the same as in Candy Crush, you get all the candies of the same colour as the stripe turned into stripes and fired off.
Also matching a colour bomb with a wrap changes all candies of the same colour as the wrap into wraps, so a very powerful combo!
We still have more to discover about the mechanics of the game as we are still on fairly early levels..There are currently over 200 levels, but new levels are being released regularly.
There are levels with chocolate as in Candy Crush Saga, but in Soda Saga the object is to remove the chocolate completely, not always easy.

The game has now been released worldwide and whilst still changing and evolving based on feedback from players, it is becoming a popular, if challenging, sequel to the most popular game on FB, Candy Crush Saga.
I have done some level videos, but you may find that some of the boards are different to the ones you have when you play the game. This is normal and is part of the evolution of any new game. I will try to keep the videos as up to date as possible but will concentrate especially on the more difficult levels where possible.
If you find that any of the videos is different please let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.
Here's how to play Soda Saga.
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We now have a blog especially for Soda Saga,

the Soda Saga All Help website.

Tips for Candy Crush Soda Saga levels 1 to 100
Tips for Candy Crush Soda Saga levels 101 to 200

Below is the link to the Soda Saga playlist containing the majority of the videos.
Here is the playlist where you will find all videos for 


Anonymous said...

Level 10 is different than my level 10

Anonymous said...

There are currently 105 levels. I'm on level 80.... any tips?

Enid Richey said...

Level 18 is different than the videos posted. On mine, I have to remove 12 bears which I am having trouble doing

Anonymous said...

Hmm, my level 30 is different. One bear stuck deep in the ice under some caged pieces and triple layered frosting :(

It looks easy BUT I've wasted 15 lives on it to no avail.

I have a Mac Computer--maybe the game is a different build.

Anonymous said...

So, this is much harder than Candy Crush, isn't it?

Gamer1956 said...

My level 13 is much different than the video; you have to uncover two very large bears, and can only start off by combining a color bomb and a wrapped candy.

Miss Tia said...

@Gamer1956 my level 13 is like yours. I can't even get one of them uncovered!

Anonymous said...

Any tips for 75? I've been stuck on it for months and cannot even get close to solving it!

Anonymous said...

Having completed level 13 several times,I'm not moving on from it until I've got 3 stars. I'm not entirely sure it's even possible. The issue I have with it is this, you expect early levels to be easy but I'm bugged by the fact that you HAVE to match the colour bomb with the wrapped as your first move EVERY time. There is never an option to match anything on the top 2 rows thereby saving the colour bomb for later on. Your first move is forced and I don't like not having a choice. Jury's still out on this game, so for now I'm giving it a swerve.

Vivian Li said...

I've discovered most likely the most powerful combo for Soda: Colouring Candy + Colour Bomb. Wipes out EVERYTHING. Even the thickest blocks. All your obstacles, gone. The little girl even strikes a pose on your screen LOL.

Anonymous said...

These levels should be updated. Obviously they're not the same version of the game that's now available. I'm on Level 69 and it's nothing like what Cookie Kirby is showing in the video. Not even close.

Anonymous said...

Level 30 is not the same as the game I am playing.

Anonymous said...

Are there any written level guides as in candy crush
I don't find the videos helpful

Anonymous said...

Im finish with level 875, when can I expect the next levels? Please work overtime cant wait. Please rush

Anonymous said...

Didn't think King could rig a game more than candy crush saga but they have with Soda good thing now is that they have a quit button so you don't have to go the end knowing that you've already lost. Just another way to get money. Deleted this game as well and all other king games

Anonymous said...

Just finished level 1010. When can we expect next upgrade, please rush with development 😜😜😜😜

LizinOly said...

I've completed level 13 on soda crush a MINIMUM od thirty times. I've even finished with 19 extra moves! The problem? I'm STILL not given three stars. Is there a glitch?

Anonymous said...

I've won level 13 hundreds of times in various ways with various numbers of turns left, even used power ups until I ran out, and then earned more in the bubblegum hill and used them all up again, etc. and I was never given 3 stars. It's rigged or it's a glitch.

Soda FAN said...

I've found this video in which you can see how to resolve Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 944, which level if I'm not wrong do you haven't added still. Hope this help, I'm a huge fan of candy crush and I love to search always high levels :P.

I'm not the owner of the video, and I'm no on 944, but maybe this can help...
If not just delete it, no problem :D

Thanks for all, Regards,
And hope this helps to everybody.