Some Candy Crush levels have been made easier!

Candy Crush Saga level 500 is now slightly easier, you still need a good start to break the cakes early, but there are less layers of cream in the bottom corners where the ingredients have to exit. 
The strategy is the same, but once the cakes are cleared it shouldn't be such a struggle to get the nuts and cherries to the exits. 

New board layout
Other levels slightly changed are:
Level 323. 
Now has 30 moves instead of 25.

Level 421.  
Now only needs 5 stripe/wrap combos instead of 7 as before.

Level 425.  
The bombs count down from 15 now instead of 10.

Level 461.  The hole in the centre is smaller and there are 4 fish instead of 3.
Here's the new layout for level 461.

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Niraj Parmar said...

i have complate level 725 but no ahead play how to play after 725 i complet three star level 725 but lock no ahead start to play 726 how to guide me