Pepper Panic Saga

New game from King, The makers of Candy Crush Saga!
Our friend Pete Peppers has built this great new website!

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About Our Site

We started Pepper Panic Tips with the idea that we wanted to offer something more than just YouTube videos showing the game being played.  We knew that we were going to be spending a lot of time studying the game in order to beat the levels ourselves and wanted to provide a place that players of all skill levels could visit to learn more about the game and get more out of their experience.  Pepper Panic Tips is still under construction and it will be evolving each day, currently we are working on the following:
  • Game play basics – Information on how the game works, how the different game elements work, and tips on how to beat the levels using these basics.
  • Level guides – We will have in-depth guides for playing every level that Pepper Panic Saga releases, currently we are adding more each day and are working on guides for some of the more difficult levels we have run into while making it to the end.
  • Videos – Sometimes you need a visual aid to help understand how a concept or a particular level works.  We provide videos on our YouTube channel of all the available levels being completed, to go along with our tips and level guide strategies. On our Pepper Panic Tips Episodes Guide page you can access conveniently arranged playlists for all the Pepper Panic Saga levels.
  • Walkthroughs – We have started to add additional walkthrough guides for some of the toughest levels.  These guides include videos where we use an audio track to explain each decision we make as we use our Pepper Panic Tips to beat the level.
Remember, we aim to offer a complete Pepper Panic Saga site with everything you need to know about this game, so check back regularly and be sure to leave us comments letting us know what you need to have a better experience.  At Pepper Panic Tips we are players first and foremost so we appreciate game play information as much as you do, and are always interested in finding new tips for the game and getting feedback about the site.

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