Candy Crush Saga level 606

How to pass level 606 Candy Crush Saga
Level 606 is the first time we see the frog.
At first I thought the frog was just a blocker as he didn't seem to do much, then Patricia,  a member of our All Help group started to experiment and told us what she found. 
You will find all the information about how to use the frog on our post here, but here's how to pass level 606 using the frog or a colour bomb.
There are only 5 jellies to clear, so the best way to clear the jelly is using the frog.  Simply grow him to full size by matching him with same colour candies, or use a colour bomb on the same colour candies as the frog, then when he's "frogtastic" click on him, then click on the middle jelly and he'll do a somersault over onto the jelly and clear it all.
Video below

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SARAH said...

CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!!! I play on my iphone 4s and after level 605 i cant see any levels, it says they will appear soon. BUT when i complete level 605 it lets me move on to next level and im on level 610 now. If i close the game i have to play all the levels from 605 again coz i cant see them on my phone, even though ive already played them on my phone!!! Anyone else has the same problem? Its really frustrating!!!

Cara said...

I don't have level 606 and up yet on my iPhone yet. Sorry!

Bill. said...

Very easy use the frog or chocolate bomb candy stripe combination.

Wendy said...

YAY for candy frog! A fun addition!

Anonymous said...

I passed but I did not understand that level or the frog at all. Weird. Plus I kept getting the same board every time!

Anonymous said...

I passed but I did not understand that level or the frog at all. Weird. Plus I kept getting the same board every time!

Anonymous said...

I have got a score of 62,960 on this level - it showed 3 stars when I had finished but when I go back in it only shows 2 !! AS

Anonymous said...

I passed this on the very first move as the square above, below and to the right of the jelly were all the same colour. Weird.

Anonymous said...

I've managed to get all the way to level 606, only to fail on an easy tutorial level. Boy do I feel dumb!

JoAnn Trenary said...

I have 5 jellies to clear! My frog goes to another frog color. Don't know what the heck it's doing.

Anonymous said...

I cleared the level but I didn't have 1 jelly. I had 5. The frog got full and I tried to use him as the intro video showed. I cleared with a sprinkled candy ball and it worked because all FIVE jellies I had to clear were the same color, and I switched sprinkled with the like color of the FIVE jellies. Maybe I need an updated version?

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here.

I need some help here as I don't really understand this frog.

In my first couple of games, I found in one I clicked and held the frog, moved him to another part of the board and he changed places with that candy and turned that colour.
But I have not been able to do that again

Another time I switched him up to a jelly square of his colour, but I haven't been able to do that again. It didn't help much anyway as the other jellies were other colours.

But I don't seem to be able to do much with him now.

In fact, the frog is annoying me as he was there, pulsing in all his blue glory, and I noticed if I made a move with the other blues around him, I would have a wrap, so I did it, but I got no wrap reward at all, it was as if he didn't count.

Can anyone tell me how he helps? Is he only good next to a special candy, to make a match?

I feel stupid for asking as it will probably become clearer, it is like the fact I got to about level 100 or something before I found out how to make a wrap.
Takes me a while.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.
Now up to level 612 but thought I would come back and say what I have discovered with froggie, for anyone else who is challenged, like me.
Apologies to those geniuses who already know all this.

Froggie can be used as a stripe if he gets the stripe markings.

Froggie can be moved like any other candy but he doesn't move himself, even if you move candies below him.

If there is a fruit above him, you'll need to move froggie out of the way so it can get through.

Once froggie pulsates, you can click on him and he will go whitish. When this happens you can then click on any other candy and froggie will be taken there, though what colour he will be, you won't always be able to calculate (well, I wasn't able to, anyway).

You can move froggie to a spot where there is licorice and NO candy.

Once you move froggie, it will potentially clear a patch around him of about 9 squares. This is useful on levels with a solid block area of licorice.

Anonymous said...

Froggie is good if you are caught with a cluster of bombs that are fast counting down.

Once he pulsates, click on him and move him into the middle of the trouble spot and he will clear that square and the others around him (total of 9 squares).

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush again

Froggie can also be moved onto empty jelly squares and will clear them when a lollipop hammer won't work.

But froggie won't move onto any square with the cream frosting on it.

MichelleDV said...

The tooth fairy helped me move into this episode. I swore I was going to give up of CC but obviously my time is not up yet. King's use of the tooth fairy is quite strategic on their part.

This level was super easy. When the frog was bulging I clicked on him followed by the middle jelly and he blasted all those jellies away to oblivion.

Katherine robbins said...

Color of frog does not matter when it's time to use him. He has to be fed with his own color, but when he's ready to go just put him in the middle jelly square regardless of color.

Cristina Zanfir said...

Thank you!

Cristina Zanfir said...

Thank you!

oluwakemi adeyemi said...

Mine just got me confused was on level 6o5 or so was about to play d next level wen I discovered it has taken me back to level 95 and other levels ain't showing again. So annoying