Candy Crush Saga Level 619

How to pass level 619 Candy Crush Saga 
Once you unlock the locked cells in level 619 the chocolate will start to spread, don't worry too much about it, just concentrate on making specials and combos. Matching them will keep the chocolate in check as well as clearing cream and jelly. You need much higher scores to get 3 stars on this level, in the video I held off finishing for a few moves to try to get 3 stars, but didn't quite make it.
Video below

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Some mobiles have a different layout, below is a video by Jazz for mobiles.


Bill. said...

Again first attempt just keep at the bombs.

Anonymous said...

If we had to have a level repeated why did it have to be such a boring one?

Anonymous said...

Level 619 is different on my ipad app then what I see here! No chocolate, just bombs!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment above - level 619 on the ipad is a totally different game to the one on my phone and pc. Strange

Anonymous said...

So glad I checked this site. Ipad, here I come!!