Candy Crush Saga Level 625

How to pass level 625 Candy Crush Saga
The conveyors are back!
This is not a really hard level to complete, but it isn't easy to get 3 stars on. The conveyors tend to mess up any combos you're trying to set up, so unless you're really good at following the conveyors and working out where everything is going you'll struggle to get three stars, as I did.
Video below

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I will post a 3 star video as soon as I manage to do it.


Bill. said...

Fairly easy but only 1 star, thet seem to be repeating the layout.

Lisa said...

For some reason mine now has the foils and creams to clear first. It wasn't this way when I played it to begin with, I am now going back to get 3 stars, but now I have to clear the multi layer things...

Zenith said...

Initially played this level on my laptop and it was pretty tough - when I ran out of lives I played on my phone and it was so much easier, no merengues/cream blocks!

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here

Fun level but took me a while.

I had the cream blockers in each corner and they were always the hold up.

Concentrate on clearing those. If you can get a stripe in an end row and blast, it will help.

After that, 3 stars isn't hard.

Clear the corners, make it a focus. Plus special combos of course.