Candy Crush Saga Level 627

How to get 3 stars on level 627 Candy Crush Saga
The jellies are only one layer, so only need hitting once. The frog will take the licorice AND jelly in one hit, so you just need to grow him twice.
By this stage in the game you should be expert at making colour bombs, so make one and use it on the frog colour to grow him to full size, then use the frog to clear one of the bottom squares.. 
Then make more colour bombs and grow the frog again BUT DON'T USE HIM YET!
Save the fully grown frog until the last move and continue making colour bombs.
You can either explode the colour bombs yourself, or save them until the end, but I prefer to use them straight away so as to make more colour bombs from the reduced colours.
Use the colour bombs with a wrap for maximum points.
On the last move use the frog to clear the second lot of jelly and you should have a really good 3 star score.
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Bill. said...

Very straight forward just use the frog twice, leave the last move as alte as possible to get three stars.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to rely totally on the frog to clear this. You just have to use the right special candies on licorice. As you probably realize by now, a striped is only of limited help in clearing licorice. But a combination of a striped and wrapped can clear all the licorice in a box, if it's in the right place.

Anonymous said...

playing through FB on PC and it's double jelly not single so the frog doesn't do that much for you which makes the level very frustrating

Anonymous said...

Yes they must have changed it even playing on the phone as it's double jelly and the frog only gets rid of the licorice. So you probably need at least 4 or 5 frog detonations. Will try to count when I actually pass it.