Candy Crush Saga level 631

How to beat level 631 Candy Crush Saga
Level 631 is a simple get the ingredients down leve.
Only 2 ingredients but only 16 moves to get through the multi layer cream at the bottom.
Don't worry though, there are only 4 colours of candy on the board so making specials and combos is easy.
Stripe/wrap combos will get the ingredients down fast, but for scores in the millions make colour bombs!
If you can, leave a couple of colour bombs on the board at the end to start off the mega cascades.
Video below

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Bill. said...

Use the frog wisely then with four colours only combinations appear. Second attempt.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Got it on first try and finished with 531,000 points. Think I was at about 200,000 when completed it, and the cascade went wild. Did not think it was going to stop. FUN.

Anonymous said...

OK, I concentrated on candy balls and finished the level on my second try.

Anonymous said...

Completed first time with over 1.2m points. Easy and fun level. Replay this when waiting for tickets, just broke the 2m point barrier!