Candy Crush Saga Level 633

How to pass level 633 Candy Crush Saga
this is an orders level, you need to collect 15 stripes and 50 each of blue and orange.
The conveyor belt snakes its way around the board either helping or hindering, depending on how good you are at anticipating the movement!
First you need to open up the board by unlocking the locked candies and destroying the cream, especially at the top so that more candies can drop..
Then watch the conveyor carefully to see where the candies will go next so you can make your stripes.
The best way to collect the stripes you need, and also lots of blue and orange candies, is to switch a colourbomb with a striped candy. It doesn't matter what colour the stripe is, this should give you all the stripes you need and it will clear a lot of candies from the board, giving you most of the colours you need too.
Any combo will be helpful for collecting the colours, but beware the bombs! They have a very short fuse so don't ignore any chances to destroy them.
Video below

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Anonymous said...

Watch the points too. I got the orders twice but without getting enough points to win the level, so the bombs are useful because they build up points. I found that by concentrating on the stripes and maximizing points, the other two orders too care of themselves.

Bill. said...

First attempt keep the bombs under control then combinations.

Donna said...

Big difference from PC to mobile. On PC I had to get 15 stripes, on mobile 5. Easy level though.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.

Enjoyable level, not too hard but it took me a few turns.

Watch those bombs.
The colour orders almost take care of themselves, don't worry about them.

You know already what will work, don't you! yes, the colour ball combined with a stripe. You'll finish with plenty of turns to spare then and all the points done.

Good luck.

Pugmom said...

Got two chocolate balls side by side. Exploded them. Cleared a lot of bombs. Easy after that