Candy Crush Saga Scoring

How to get amazing high scores in Candy Crush Saga.

The scoring in Candy Crush is quite complicated and it would be almost impossible for me to list every score combination possible in one post, but here are a few pointers to help you get those elusive high scores.
Here I'll give you the basic scoring without jelly.
First of all, matching 3 candies will give you 60 points.
Making a stripe will give you 120 points.
Making a wrap will give you 200 points.
Making a colour bomb will give you 200 points.
Matching a stripe will cause a blast across the board, the same way as the stripes on the candy point, and each candy in the path of the stripe gives 60 points.
Matching a wrap gives 540 points plus 60 for each candy destroyed.
Matching a colour bomb gives 1200 plus 60 for every candy destroyed.
Timed bombs......Will give you 3000 points each.
Cream..... will give 20 points per square.
Here is the blast from a colour bomb

The main thing to remember is that a colour bomb will give you the chance to increase your score at any time. It is the best special candy by far.
Mixed with another special candy it is even better! Plus on jelly squares it is better still!

Here is the basic scoring on jelly levels.
Jelly squares are worth 1000 points each, so if you make a match of 3 candies on top of jelly you will get 3000 points for the jelly, plus 60 for the match of 3.
Making a wrap will give 5000 points plus the 200 for the match of 5.
A stripe will give you 4000 plus the 120 for the match of 4.
Making a colour bomb on jelly will give 6120 points.

Now here's where it gets interesting... Combo's will increase your scores significantly, especially on jelly levels. A stripe/wrap combo takes out 3 lines and 3 columns, and each candy destroyed gives you 60 points, with jelly on the candies you will also get 1000 points for each one, so that's 1060 for every candy destroyed.
A colour bomb alone on a jelly level will give 1060 points for each candy, but with a stripe will be multiplied by however many jellies the stripes take out, so significantly more points.
One other combo you can use to get good scores is a colour bomb on wrap. You get a wrap for every candy of the same colour as the wrap you switched with the colourbomb, so the wrap score multiplied by the number of wraps.
In jelly levels the colour bomb on wrap gives you 1060 for every candy destroyed.
These scores are not taking into account any cascades caused by your matches.. As the candies fall down to fill the spaces left any matches which fall spontaneously score progressively higher with each match, so working at the bottom of the board to cause maximum cascades is another good way to increase scores.

In order of preference here's a list of the best combos for getting high scores..
1.  Stripe on stripe                      OK
2.  wrap on wrap.                        Good
3.  Stripe on wrap                       Very good
4.  Colour bomb on stripe          Better
5.  Colour bomb on wrap.          Best if there are a lot of the right colour candies.

Switching 2 colour bombs together, whilst good for clearing timed bombs and licorice, gives very few points compared to other combinations. 

It has been reported also by mobile players that high scores are more difficult on mobiles than on PC and laptops. The cascades don't seem to be as good on mobiles devices.

How to get 3 stars on Candy Crush Saga
You have passed your level but only have one or two stars and you want to get that extra star to beat your friends, here's some tips on getting three stars on Candy Crush.

1.  If you are on a jelly level don't destroy the jelly too quickly. Once you have cleared all the jelly it's game over and whatever moves you have left will be turned into fish, which only give 60 points each. Save the last couple of jellies for the last moves to maximise your score.
2.  Match a colour bomb with a single candy to avoid clearing too many jellies as you would by switching with a stripe or wrap.
3.   If there are timer bombs on the board use a colour bomb to destroy as many as possible, you will get higher scores than just matching them.
4.   Whatever level you are playing you should ALWAYS be looking for colour bombs before everything else, read our advanced tips for making colour bombs.
5.  Although the bonus for finishing early on ingredients levels is much better than jelly levels, it's still better to keep the ingredients on the board for as long as possible and keep making colour bombs.


Anonymous said...

Hi it's Kath!!! where the hell is everyone!!!!
This seemed hard, but after a couple of goes, I used a wrapped/striped combo from the bonus wheel, and KABOOM! easy!!!

AZBLUE said...

King is looking for mony again. Seems as if to win this game u more than likely have to go in overtime more than once forcing you to buy bars. This leve is rigged

Michelle Schultz said...

When you play on an android phone you don't get fish for you extra moves, you get stripes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Persevere you will get a lucky board check which combos give the best point score and concentrate on those though when I passed this level I had about 120000 points and the sugar crush got me the rest it seems that when I check this forum I get through the level I'm stuck on quite quickly afterwards ??

Unknown said...

I have gone back to earlier levels to try and gain higher scores but no matter what I do not getting any higher even using extra colour bombs wraps etc from space dash.

Unknown said...

I just won game 1264 and a purple frog is eating everything!I could hit the skip button, but I want to see how long it will go on. It has been going continuously for over an hour, at last check I had over 1.7 million points. I've got it on the charger as I think my battery will die before the frog does! Just curious if anyone else has seen this kind of "stuck in a loop"?