Candy Crush Saga Level 662

Tips for level 662 Candy Crush Saga
In level 662 you need to collect 50 each of green, orange and red candies in 30 moves.
Open up the colour bombs along the bottom and use them on any colour that has the most on the board. If you use them on a required colour try to get as many as you can on the board before you fire them.
Difficulty low, not a hard level for this stage in the game.
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Bill. said...

First attempt completed on last move. Just normal combinations needed. Difficult to avoid blasting chocolate bombs early.

Ultramum said...

Ridiculously easy for a change ... Hate to think what's next

MichelleDV said...

Well, that made up for the debacle of the last level. Easy as.

Jami Weybright said...

It's not ridiculously easy for me! Lol. I've played about 30 times, and it only gives me 31 greens in each game.

David Hatton said...

They've tried to make it harder by saying 100 of each and if you have to get one of those which is taken out in the powerplay, you're stuffed! Stupid - they had an easy level so they made it harder - what's the point?