Candy Crush Saga Level 671

Tips for level 671 Candy Crush Saga
You need to unlock at least one of the locked candies along the top in the first 2 or 3 moves or you may as well quit and start again. 
Once the top is open and you can start matching candies try not to let the nuts slip out to the sides, which they will do if the top candies are locked either side of them and you make matches down the bottom.
Starting with a colour bomb on  the board will save a lot of lives as you'll be able to open the top straight away.
Free switch hands are also useful for moving the nuts if you have any saved.
Video below
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Bill. said...

Looks impossible just quit if you cannot break the top row. Fruit needs to fall in the three centre columns I had two chocolate bombs to help and completed on third attempt.

Anonymous said...

This level is easier on PC than tablet. I have been playing on iPad for few days and when the chain breaks, the chestnuts fall everywhere toward the sides. On FB at my laptop, 3 chestnuts line up in the 3 center columns. Makes a lot easier to get them down. Beat it a 4th try on FB. No booster.

Jennifer said...

Well, I tried a coconut wheel as the previous poster suggested. Nonetheless, the nuts still fell out and way to the side. I got one down on my own, then used five hands to move the other two into the same column, and then the board gave me another coconut wheel, so I used that to get the nuts to fall down.

This is a frustrating level because on the phone, the nuts fall whether the first three candy openings come in after you make your first move(s), so if you've only managed to open a corner block, the nuts fall to the sides. The plus side about playing on the phone is if you don't like the initial set up and you can't make any moves to open any of the blocks, you can hit the back button without losing a life.

On the computer it's frustrating because you pretty much have to use the first move to open a top / corner block, and if you don't have any such moves, you lose a life. The plus side on the computer is the freebies like hands and coconut wheels.

Ladilove said...

Made it on my 1st try. Just made strategic moves and opportunities to make special candies and used them to my advantage to move the fruit down.

Anonymous said...

Coconut wheel did the trick for me. Thanks for sharing the tip!

Blue said...

I got two of the ingredients down no problem but the third disappeared? It literally has vanished from the screen and isn't coming back. I feel so cheated. I could have won this time :/

Anonymous said...

2nd try ... focused on making combos and making vertical strips near the bottom to bust open the top ... did that within the first ten moves... then was able to move the fruit to drop zones ... kind of easy

Anonymous said...

671 is not letting me get the ingredients down. I've tried all suggestions and still unable to get through. This is giving me a migraine. Ugh.