Candy Crush Saga Level 689

Tips for level 689 Candy Crush Saga
For level 689 you have to collect 80 red and 80 orange candies.
As with most orders levels you need specials and combos to collect the candies needed in the 40 moves allowed, lines of 3 will not be enough.
Colour bombs, wraps and combinations of the two plus stripes will complete level 689 fairly easily.
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Bill. said...

Fairly straightforward ten attempts keep at the combinations.

Anonymous said...

This is impossible and absolutely no fun. What is King thinking about. I will wait for an update I will not spend a cent on this level

Anonymous said...

Very hard to make combos and bombs here. Think I will camp here for a while.

Anonymous said...

The trick that worked for me was to jump the frog to a chocolate ball. Once I did that, I traded it with the striped color I needed most.

Anonymous said...

JanC here. Well, that was annoying :P ... One thing that helped my stress level was to quit a turn if, with 25 moves remaining, I hadn't been able to make and detonate a minimum of two special candies and made a decent dent in breaking through central column. That to me indicated an unlucky board. So I only invested my time & effort on boards with some promise. After I began to do that, I got it within three tries.

Anonymous said...

I hear it every board, and yet people keep clearing every board.


There are impossible single boards. It might take you 20-30 boards to get something you can work with. But eventually, you'll be presented with a board that gets you through this board.

And the next one.

And the one after that.

Try to make chocolate bombs as soon as you can here, and try to match them with red or orange striped candies. You'll clear out major debris.

Anonymous said...

For the first half of the game just concentrate on clearing the blocks in the middle. The key is to get lots of candies falling down and clearing themselves. Same as for other levels where your orders are just to get lots of candy of certain colors. So combine the candies closest to the column regardless of their color. And after it's started to get cleared away, play closer to the bottom. I didn't worry about the frog. And I didn't do great on the special candies. But by the end I had lots candies falling down and clearing themselves.

MichelleDV said...

Took me numerous attempts. Finally managed to get a sprinkle stripe combo which enabled me to meet the orders.

Anonymous said...

Levels getting dumber and dumber. There loosing ratings so still trying make money. Not working here. Didn't you pay enough back to kids who used with permission. Cost some people thousands. Wth