Candy Crush Saga Level 704

Tips for level 704 Candy Crush Saga
You need to collect 50 green candies in 20 moves.
The board is divided in two with the larger part at the top, containing our friend the frog.
You need to make some serious combos to collect enough greens and use the frog if you manage to get him charged up.
Ignore the green candies unless you can use them to make a special candy. Concentrate on making those specials and combos, any colour will do. The more candies you remove from the board the more greens will drop down. Use the frog to clear up any remaining greens when you get close to completing.
Video below
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Poddy dodger said...

Tough one..explosions needed

Bill. said...

Not bad just usual combinations needed.

J Tucker said...

I tried and failed a couple of times, then I watched the video to see where they used their color bomb, and they used it with a green, so then I tried that, and it cleared out the green, but then created a bunch of wrapped and striped and a bunch more greens. I then was able to get all my greens with 1 move left.