Candy Crush Saga level 711

Tips for level 711 Candy Crush Saga
In level 711 you will meet the KEYS for the first time.
There are 5 keys on the board at the start of the game, 4 frozen in ice in the 4 corners of the board and one in the middle.
The keys first need to be unfrozen by matching them or matching adjacent candies.
Then they need to be collected by matching or hitting them with the blast from specials or combos.
Once the keys are all collected the dispenser at the bottom of the board will unlock and the nut will be free to fall out of the exit.
There is just one candy under the nut which will have to be removed either with a stripe or other combo.
Video below.
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Bill. said...

First attempt. Collect the keys that releases the fruit then one vertical striped candy will do the job.

Kfmconsulting said...

Second attempt. Fun & easy level.