Candy crush Saga level 731

Tips for level 731 Candy Crush Saga
You have to collect 10 wrapped candies and 15 striped candies in 40 moves.
The conveyors can be very helpful, or sometimes a hindrance.
The easiest way to get the stripes is to make a colour bomb and switch it with a stripe, but that isn't always possible. Stripes are fairly easy to make so I concentrated on making wraps when I could.
There are already 6 wraps and 2 stripes on the board that just need to be unfrozen and matched.
Even without a colour bomb/stripe combo you should be able to get the stripes needed.
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Bill. said...

Lucky to get a chocolate bomb plus striped candy early then concentrate on getting wrapped candies. Good fun.

Anonymous said...

Pff. Easy. First time hit. Absolutely doable. Play slow and check the board for combo's all te time. Good luck !

Anonymous said...

JanC here. Got it in under five lives on an android tablet, three stars, no boosters. Don't bother looking for a lucky board: I tried rolling until I had a sprinkle ready to make; it blew up before I could match it with the stripe and the remainder of that game was lackluster. So I just played the next board which had nothing to recommend it and it was the winning one. Plenty of opportunities to make stripes, a few wraps, then a sprinkle which filled the stripe order. I only needed two more wraps and they were easy. Had plenty of moves left over.

Kfmconsulting said...

I, too, got lucky with a chocolate bomb and stripe early and finally able to make the wraps. Took about 6 tries.

Thresa Muglich said...

Dang Level......I was so frustrated and determined to beat it that I used 2 Wrap/Striped combos, 3 Speckled bombs and had to finish with a Hammer on the last move !!! It is hard to accumulate this many daily free helpers and I used so many on 1 Level. Grrrrrr. Movin On.