Candy Crush Saga Level 732

Tips for level 732 Candy Crush Saga
This is a jelly level with a 9 move bomb in the middle, surrounded by Cream blockers.
Your priority has to be the bomb but often there is a move inside the cream blockers to get rid of it.
If not you will have to break through to it before it counts down.
Try to open the blockers along the top of the box to let more candies fall although there is no jelly under them.
After that it's fairly straightforward clearing jelly, but don't overlook the 2 isolated jelly squares top left and bottom right which need to be hit with a special or combo.
There will also be more bombs falling so keep your eyes open for them too.
Video below
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Rob Hawkins said...

LOL, the video walkthrough has consistent moves adjacent to the creme! :D My first two attempts had only ONE possible move, either on the interior (not with the bomb color) or on the outer perimeter where it couldn't open the center. Then Reshuffle. EVERY TURN, BOTH GAMES, until the bomb exploded. But still-- this episode has been a JOY compared to the last one.

Rob Hawkins said...

Got it in the third try though! Level requires a little luck to get the good opening moves, but once the center bomb is cleared, it's easy enough to make specials and clear the jelly.

Joep van Mourik said...

first try through.Fun level.

Bill. said...

Agree very enjoyable kill the bomb then combinations.

Anonymous said...

JanC here. Got it within five lives, three stars, no boosters. If you're playing on a mobile, roll boards til you get one that allows you to take out the bomb in the center while still boxed in. Don't bother to try to get a board with the isolated corner candies the same color (thinking you could take them out with one sprinkle) because the board shuffles early on several times and those corner candy colors always change. BUT! It is easy to make sprinkle balls. I used one to take out the isolated candy in the top left which is really inaccessible. the one in the lower right is easy to hit with combos or even a stripe.

Kfmconsulting said...

Fun level. Took several tries. Got the top left corner cream with a color bomb on the last move with 3 stars.