Candy Crush Saga level 736

Tips for level 736 Candy crush Saga
There is jelly underneath the cake and the locked cells at the bottom of the board so they all need to be removed.
The keys are in the top corners, left and right, frozen in ice. There are also bombs with a countdown of 25 which need to be removed.
You need to work on 2 fronts at the same time on level 736, clearing the cake and unfreezing the keys and bombs. 
Clearing the cake will take a layer of whatever is on the board but will only unfreeze the bombs, it will not remove them unless you have managed to unfreeze them first.
Once the cake and bombs are gone just work on making combos to clear the jelly.
This can be a fun evel if the bombs don't get you.
Video below.
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Anonymous said...

Make sure you get all the keys before the cake bomb, If not you will lose the key to unlock the last jellies.

Bill. said...

Took quite a few attempts need combinations to free the bombs then blow up the cake. Not an easy level.

Anonymous said...

Got it first try, just a smidge short of three stars, playing on an android tablet, no boosters ... King trying to suck us back in by making nice?

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here

It seems pretty hard unless you do what I managed to do in a couple of turns.

Colour ball/striped candy combo early on.

This seems to clear all the keys and open the board, and might even take out a bomb for you, then you have to work on clearing the cake and any remaining bomb.

It makes it do-able, much easier.

Colour ball/stripe combo.. early on.

I didn't use one, but if you get stuck, this is where a colour ball booster from the daily spin might help.

kfmconsulting said...

Took two days and lots of tries. Finally got a lucky board with good combos. I did destroy the cake before I had all the keys and they didn't disappear as another comment said. Solved on my PC, no boosters and 3 stars.

Anonymous said...

This is a horrible level! Been stuck forever! I've quit buying extras and just using my five as I get them. Very frustrating!

Anonymous said...

This is my "go to" spot when I am stuck on Candy Crush. This level was one of the hardest I've been on, and I used almost 100 lives to get it. GLAD it's over!!

bookie said...

i think it's time for me to quit this game