Candy Crush Achievement awards

What are the Candy Crush Achievement awards?
At the top of your gameboard you will now find your profile, which is an orange coloured shield.
Click on this and you will see your achievements. 
These are gained by making certain special candies and combos, and will show other King games you play as well as Candy Crush.
Once you click on the shield you will get a drop down box like the one below. You can use the blue arrows at the top to scroll between your other King games and see your awards for those too.
The top row of achievements are for making colour bombs, the middle row is for making stripe/wrap combos and the bottom row is for switching 2 colour bombs together.
To find out how many of each combination you need to get the award simply click on the name under each one and a drop down menu will tell you how many you have and how many you need. See below

Below is an image which shows how many of each special candy or combo you need to get to each award.
You can also check the progress of your friends.
Simply click on their avatar on the gameboard while they are sitting on their level and you will be able to see their progress too so you know who has more, or less, achievements than you.

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