Candy Crush Saga popcorn

What is the popcorn and how does it work???
From level 771 you will see strange brown squares on your gameboard with squiggly creamy blobs which are popcorn.
The are set in position and are not moveable or switchable.
At first glance you may think they are just blockers to make the game a bit harder, but they are actually good to have if you know how to use them to your advantage.
To make the most of the popcorn you need to hit it with the blast from a stripe or a stripe/wrap combo, or explode a wrapped candy beside it.
The first time you hit the popcorn it will grow a little but will not appear to do much.
The second time you hit it, it will grow more and begin to pulse with light.
The third time you blast it will cause it to crumble and turn into a colour bomb!
See the images below.
After 1 hit

after 2 hits

after 3 hits
You can then use the colour bomb as normal. So you can see that the popcorn can be a fantastic aid to helping you complete your level as well as increasing your score tremendously.
Hitting the popcorn with a lollipop hammer will NOT make it grow, so don't waste your boosters on them.
Below is a video of part of level 771 to show the popcorn in action. The video was intended only as a demo of the popcorn, not to show how to complete the level.
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