Candy Crush Saga level 813

Tips for level 813 Candy Crush Saga
You have to collect the 3 cherries which are locked behind cream blockers at the start of the game.
But more important than releasing the cherries to start with are the bombs locked in the three cells marked in red in the image below.
The bombs start with a countdown of 20 moves, so you have to find and match the keys before those moves are up or it's game over.
2 keys are covered in marmalade between the bombs, but others will appear as you make matches.
Once the bombs are taken care of you are safe to concentrate on getting the cherries down the board.
If you clear the squares marked in yellow in the image above, the cherries will slip through the gaps and drop down.
The top conveyors just go around the top corners so if the cherries get on them they will stay on them until you can drop them down, but once they get onto the bottom conveyors they will be carried around and eventually drop off the conveyor and out of the exits at the bottom.
A well placed vertical stripe will take care of the cherry in the middle.
Video below

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Anonymous said...

It took a while, too many licorice on the left. Finally made it with a lollipop on candy below last fruit.

muppet147 said...

Did this 2nd go. Kill the bombs first but check you moves first!. once that is done try to drop the cherries straight down the same column that they are in, and try not to waste too many moves on the escalator things. The top escalators dont appear to be linked to the bottom ones. This is a preplan your moves board!!

Anonymous said...

JanC here. One star, but passed it first try. Surprised me!

Pugmom said...

Not as hard as first thought. Take out bombs or you have no chance.

Peachie said...

Another fun and quick level. Once you figure our the directions of the conveyors and can get those bombs-you are good to go. Second try this time-2 stars-no boosters. This journey from 801 is almost over. Amazing.

Jocelyn said...

1st try, no boosters, 1 star, finished on my very last move! Didn't really understand the level at first, but figured the keys and bombs were important to take out as a first priority. You only need to bust the corner block to get the ingredient free to the first conveyor, then drop it to the 2nd conveyor, then hope you have enough moves left for the conveyor to move to the drop zone!

Anonymous said...

Completed 1st try. Didn't even notice the bombs until after a few moves. By the time I'd started on the bombs the fruit was already free and home with 5 moves left before the remaining bomb exploded. 3 stars too.
I often notice the first try at a level gives a lucky board as seems to happen after leaving the game overnight.

Anonymous said...

I found it's easiest to ignore the bombs and simply work on getting the cherries free and into position. Anytime I tried getting rid of the bombs they would blow up on me or I wouldn't have enough moves to get the cherries. When I do focused only on the cherries I was done with several moves left on the bombs.

Bill. said...

Quite enjoyable remove the bombs then move the fruit down two attempts.

Anon lafy said...

Got blown up the first attempt but was luckier the second try and a helpful sprinkle appeared to drop one fruit while the others took care of themselves!

I didn't really have a strategy except to take care not to lose track of the fruits.

kfmconsulting said...

Very easy. Worked on freeing cherries and matching the keys to clear the bombs. 1st try, 1 star, 7 moves left.

Dexter Frantz said...

This took me 2 tries. The 1st time I concentrated on the cream blockers up top, and was unable to finish when the bombs blew up.
The 2nd time, I concentrated on the keys and the bombs. It was odd that the keys were under the locked squares (is there another name for those?).
Using stripes and wraps below, they took care of the cream blocking the fruit.