Candy Crush Saga level 245

Tips for level 245 Candy Crush Saga
Check out our page for making wrapped candies as most people find them the most difficult.
Striped candies are easier to make so look all the time for chances to make wraps.
As soon as you have either a stripe or wrap let it fall lower on the board, or make it at the bottom if you can, then look higher on the board to make the matching stripe or wrap to make the combo and match under it to let it fall next to the first.
Try not to make the 2 specials the same colour or they are more likely to explode when you get them together, and keep all other candies the same colour as a wrap away from it or again you are likely to lose it in cascades.
Don't try to make too many specials at the same time, once you have a wrap ignore others unless they are well away from each other and concentrate on making it's partner stripe.
Colour bombs can be useful as they will clear a colour from the board so making wraps easier to make, you can also use a colour bomb to remove candies which are separating your combos, but be very careful you don't make matches you don't want and lose your combos.
Once you have a combo together use it! Don't try to save it while you make another or you are likely to lose it. It doesn't matter if using it destroys other specials, at least you have the one combo and can always make more. Better that than losing all your hard work.
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