Candy Crush Saga level 1013

Hints and tips for level 1013 Candy Crush Saga
The ingredients can either go straight down the middle through the telelports once the licorice is gone, or they will slip down the sides when you make moves lower down.
It's easier to get the last 2 through the middle, but the first ones will most likely go to the sides.
The biggest problem with level 1013 is the licorice, it will block your moves if you try to use stripes to get the fruit down, but the good news is that once it is cleared it doesn't come back. Wrapped candies are especially good at clearing licorice.
The fruit falls down on the same moves so it's useful to know which moves the fruit will appear.
The fruit will appear on move 16, 11, and 6, so make moves where you want the fruit to go on those moves.
Video below

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Anonymous said...

I played on the left side of the board and got it on the first try with 3 stars.

Jocelyn said...

First try, no boosters, 3 stars. Pretty straightforward as long as the choco doesn't grow out of control

Anonymous said...

Second try, no boosters. Not much of a challenge. Good luck!!

Bill. said...

Very straightforward with so few colours. Attack the chocolate early.

Cat said...

Hi all.

Easy board. Not much else too say.

Good luck!

Dirk Belligerent said...

Ummmm, how come Level 1013 looks TOTALLY different on Android? I'm seeing the need to bring down 4 cherries in 30 moves when the bottom six rows are solid licorice and there is no chocolate.

See here:

kg said...

My screen on the iPad does not look like any described except for Dirk's description.

Anonymous said...

I am playing on iPhone, and the screen looks completely different as also Dirk and kg said... only licorice, no chocolate at all, and it seems more difficult to get it done than in the video!

BTW I tried and succeeded after some attempts using some previous hints (pay attention at the moves when the fruit falls down). Concentrate on the licorice at the right and left side, remove it and open two corridors for the fruits, don't bother too much on the bootom part instead.


LadyJ88 said...

Yeah, the board is changed and it's much more difficult than it was. This level is THE WORST! This might be it for me and Candy Crush.

LadyJ88 said...

Thanks Anonymous! I did what you said and it worked! Just work on one side and don't worry about the licorice ate the bottom.