Candy Crush Saga level 1022

Hints and tips for level 1022 Candy Crush Saga
Collect 99 purple candies, shouldn't be too difficult as there are many already on the board, you just need to unlock them from the marmalade and collect them, once the board is opened up start to make combos and work close to the bottom of the board as much as you can.
The shape of the board means that often cascades will help you without you having to waste too many moves.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

I used one of my many colour bombs to unlock all the marmalade on the first move. This freed up the board and from there not too hard. AJ

Jane said...

Took a couple of tries but another fairly easy fun one

Anonymous said...

1020,1021, and 1022 are all quite easy, and fun. 3 stars on all of them, no boosters. Good luck!!

Bill. said...

Wrapped plus striped candy very useful. Need to free the purple jelly straight away then combinations. Enjoyable.