Candy Crush Saga Level 1033

Hints and tips for level 1033 Candy Crush Saga
The shape of the board makes level 1033 tricky, as you have to get to jelly in awkward places.
Look carefully at the board before every move and if you get the chance to make a match in the tricky areas outside the spaces take the chance when it comes or you may not get another.
However never forget to check the middle of the board for special candies, as making a colour bomb or other special in the middle will give you a chance to clear the difficult jellies.
I try to save the fish as long as possible so I can use them for the tricky bits of jelly, but often they are matched in cascades and wasted on jellies you can get easily.
If you can match a fish with a stripe or other special candy it will do a lot more damage.
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Jane said...

Where is everyone?Used a fish. Two sprinkles magically appeared. Matched one with a stripe and the other with the color of jelly still covered. That was it but only one star.

Anonymous said...

Tried three times no boosters. Then used a fish. Not sure if it helped or not as I only got two. What ended up helping was getting a sprinkle and matching it with a stripe in the last ten moves. Then I was lucky enough to make another sprinkle and then another. With very careful moves I got them side by side and that took care of the rest of the jellies.

Cat said...

Two tries, no boosters, resetting both until there was a center combo in first move. First try, missed by one. Second did the trick, with lots of moves to go. Lucky, but also fun.

Anonymous said...

First try, no boosters, 3 stars. As usual, the candies in the corners are hard to get. Watch out for the candy on the sides in the middle of the board. Those are difficult to get. Good luck!!

Bill. said...

First attempt chocolate bomb plus striped candy did the trick. Enjoyable after the last level.

Van5 said...

Somehow managed this on my first go. Had 2 chocolate balls together which cleared a lot, then another chocolate ball with a stripe. Tricky level but doable, much more so than the last level.

Suzy said...

Cleared the board !!! N then the screen froze ..... Has this happened to any one ??? Have to do this level all over again !!!! What the hell is this ??