Candy Crush Saga level 985

Hints and tips for level 985 Candy rush Saga
You have to collect 50 red candies, 50 blue candies and a colour bomb.
The colour bomb is already on the board but you can make your own quite easily only you have opened up the playing area.
To get the best scores just keep making colour bombs if you can, and the red and blue candies will be collected as you go.
If you can't manage to make colour bombs the one at the bottom can be unlocked using a stripe.
The candies next to the colour bomb also have to be unlocked then you can use it on either one.
Keep your eyes on the candies moving around the conveyor as these can help you make special candies and also line up your stripe to unlock the colour bomb or the candies next to it.
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Anonymous said...

Done on the first try though just 2 stars. No specific way/tips. Russ

Jane said...

Also first try, three stars. No special tips. Fun level

Deborah said...

Easy one. First try, no boosters, 3 stars.

Anonymous said...

Easy level. Cleared the chocolate sprinkle and red and blue at bottom with stripes. Ended up losing the red in error. So, switched the choc with the blue. Then I managed to get two choc sprinkles side be side and set them off and got all the red. Had a few moves left but only ended up with two stars.
At least no bossters used.

Bill. said...

Agree very straightforward once the chocolate bomb has been released.

Peachie said...

Easy one. First try, no booster, 3 stars. Like these. On to the next one.

Anonymous said...

Did this first time, but didn't score enough points. :-(

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here

This must be very easy, I got through first try without trying hard. Surprised myself. I did have a wrap/stripe combo which cleared the colour ball, which I matched with the colour I still needed.

Nice to cruise through, I have found a lot of the levels lately to be tough going.

Anon lafy said...

That was easy - a nice surprise. Three stars.

Anonymous said...

JSN: I, too used a wrapped-striped combo to open up the candy ball. Two stars, but I'm not proud. Onward!