Candy Crush Saga level 994

Hints and tips for level 994 Candy Crush Saga
You have 50 moves to clear the jelly, but first you have to work through the locked cells. It can be very easy to miss matches in the locked cells so look carefully before you moce to make sure you don't miss a good move.
There are teleports leading from the top part of the board to the bottom, so once you begin to work in the bottom it will affect the top, but only in the columns where the teleports are. The 2 outside columns don't have them so moves there will not move the top candies.
There are only 5 colours on the board so special candies and combos are fairly easy to make if you play carefully.
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Anonymous said...

Nice one to finish level again, not too hard. The dreaded chocolate again but no bombs. Good one Candy Crush.

Anonymous said...

Got this one on my fourth try with 20 moves left. My other three tries I was left with one or two jellies. Sometimes hard to get them in kind of hidden places.

Anonymous said...

Fun, easy level after the awful previous one.

Bill. said...

No chocolate on kindle. Second attempt nice easy fun level. Just blast away with combinations.