Candy Crush Saga Level 1059

Hints and tips for level 1059 Candy Crush Saga
You will need to clear the cream blockers to allow the ingredients to fall down to the conveyor.
Once on the conveyor let the fruit travel up the sides and out of the exits, which are along the top.
Be careful not to make matches under the fruit once it is travelling up the side, which will drop it down and mean you will need more moves to get it out of the exits.
The fruit appears on moves 47, 43, 39 and 35, so make these moves in the middle 3 columns to keep the fruit where you need it.
Once on the conveyor you need at least 11 moves to get the fruit up and out of the exits, so if you don't have this many moves left when you get the fruit onto the conveyor you may as well quit and start again.
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Jac said...

Fairly tricky level, some skill rather than luck needed. Once you have all the fruit on the conveyor, try to keep your moves over to the right, so the cream blockers on the left don't get disturbed and let the fruit fall back into the central square. After quite a few goes, once I'd learned the strategy, I got it on the very last move.

michelle mcbride said...

Pretty easy once I figured out where the fruit needed to go...
coconut wheel opened the botto quickly the just dropped fruit through.

Hunter MacLean said...

The most annoying part of this level is when you are moving the candies up if you accidentally knock out a candy next to the conveyor belt and a fruit slides off. It's almost impossible to get it back on in time. It's easy to get the fruit down to the conveyor, just be very careful while you wait for it to go up!

Bill. said...

First attempt. Careful not to let fruit fall in outside columns.