Candy Crush Saga Level 1078

Hints and tips for level 1078 Candy Crush Saga
Get rid of the bombs first, it has to be a priority as they will kill the game fairly quickly if you don't.
Then you can work on the cake bomb and the popcorn.
If you don't have moves near the cake you can make stripes and stripe/wrap combos in the left side to move the candies around and also hit the popcorn.
There are only 5 colours so making combos is not too difficult, but don't forget about the popcorn, which I tended to do on several occasions.
A colour bomb/stripe combo will help if you cam get one.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

I cleared all the jelly twice and was wondering why I did not complete this level. Then I saw the comment about the popcorn. I had not even seen the popcorn. thanks! However, what a downer! Grace from DU

Sue G. said...

This is a very hard level and I have no idea how to get the popcorn hit so many times. Ugh. Been at this one along time.

Anonymous said...

Love to know where everyone went? Miss the tips. : (