Candy Crush Saga Level 1094

Hints and tips for level 1094 Candy Crush Saga
You have to collect 4 colour bombs, 8 striped candies and 60 blue candies.
The blue candies are the hardest to collect so get them whenever you can.
In order to collect the colour bombs, which are already on the board, you simply need to hit them with a stripe to unlock them, then switch them together or let them fall into the main part of the board and use them
If you can get a stripe next to one of the colour bombs that should take care of the stripes you need..
Your job will be a lot easier if you can clear the cream blockers as quickly as possible to give you space to work.
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Bill. said...

Hammer very useful to release horizontal candy to release chocolate bombs. Took three attempts.

Anonymous said...

So far after playing up to this level, I found that they are all a matter of a lucky board. Some more than other. Skill does not play a very big role.

Diane Mentalewicz said...

I can't say this very it second try. Didn't need to unlock all the sprinkle candies made a lot on my own. Pretty fun level for me. Good luck to everyone.

Alessandra said...

These levels get more and more ridiculous !
All those orders in 20 moves ?

AND on a conveyor belt too - impossible

Ugh I just can’t be bothered anymore

Get rid of these damn conveyor belts please they make the level dull, slow and downright undoable !!!

Alessandra said...

They just want you to waste all your boosters because it’s impossible without a bunch of hammers and special tick candy
Really stupid