Candy Crush Saga Level 1100

Hints and tips for level 1100 Candy Crush Saga
All the cream blockers have jelly hidden under them so need to be cleared.
Don't forget about the 4 jellies at the bottom that are separated from the main part of the board and have to be cleared using colour bombs.
You can use stripe/ wrap combos positioned in the correct place, but colour bombs are easy to make and work well.
This is a fun level, although very easy to run out of moves.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Easy level. Board does most of the work for you by creating sprinkles. Match them with colors in the 4 bottom squares as each new one is created. NC

Bill. said...

Need to keep at clearing the outside bricks to get a bigger playing area then combinations form more easily.

Barbc said...

Passed on Christmas Day! Yay, on to,the next episode!

Suzie O said...

This was an easy one... go it on the first try.

Glory said...

This was a fun level. Third try with using a Fish from my boosters.
Use Sprinkles for the bottom corners