Candy Crush Saga Level 1106

Hints and tips for level 1106 Candy Crush Saga
First you will have to collect keys to unlock the locked cells, 3 will begin to open them but there are 5 keys to collect altogether. The fifth key unlocks 2 colour bombs which you can either switch together, or hit with stripes to clear a random colour.
Switching the colour bombs together will go a long way towards clearing the board, but won't give many points if you are playing for stars.
The different sections are not connected, so apart from stripes and colour bombs, making a move in one section will not affect any of the others.
Video below

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Anonymous said...

Anyone else struggling with this level? I haven't come close

Anonymous said...

Nor I

Bill. said...

Completed first attempt collect the keys then usual combinations.

Anonymous said...

Same here. First attempt, cleared keys then hit striped/wrap, cleared 2 chocolate bombs and combined them, cleared most jellies. Finished the rest with another stripe/wrap and seventeen moves left This one was fun for a change.