Candy Crush Saga Level 1109

Hints and tips for level 1109 Candy Crush Saga
Concentrate on growing the popcorns as soon as you can, as they are the most difficult things to clear and most likely to be left after all the other jelly is cleared.
Stripes and stripe wrap combos will clear the popcorns, but for the top scores you will also need to make some colour bombs too.
Video below
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Snowdrop said...

Thought this might be a hard level but you just need stripes to clear popcorns and move down the bottom quickly.
Flying through the levels this morning :)

Jane said...

Yet another fun easy level that practically played itself. The popcorn burst very easily even when I wasn't working on it. Three in a row.

Anonymous said...

Not having any luck yet...not so easy for me. Waiting for a gd board. NC

Anonymous said...

At first thought this might be a bit hard. But ended up finishing on my first try with seven moves left and three stars. It was another fun level.

Bill. said...

Just need to get the popcorn to explode. Took four attempts.

Anon lafy said...

Another easy one - first try and what a cascade!!!