Candy Crush Saga Level 1114

Hints and tips for level 1114 Candy Crush Saga
You need to collect 9 yellow candies, which will be provided by the lucky candies moving up the conveyor on the left of the board.
The quickest, and possibly the easiest way to complete this level is by clearing the cake bomb. The resulting hammer will change and clear the lucky candies and give you a colour bomb as an added bonus. 
The other way is the hard way, but can be done if you can't clear the cake.
If you can match 3 of them to begin with it's a bonus and will give you your first 3 yellow candies,
The rest you will have to collect by first changing the lucky candies into yellows, then matching them.
The licorice blocks you from hitting the lucky candies and yellows except in the space between the teleports in the middle of the board.
You can use stripes or stripe/wrap combos to hit them through the space, but make sure there is a lucky candy or yellow candy level with the space before you switch them.
Colour bombs will change the lucky candies to yellows, but you won't be able to use a colour bomb to collect the yellows except by switching with a stripe or wrap.
You can use the cake bomb at the bottom to either change the lucky candies or collect yellows, so don't overlook it.
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Anonymous said...

Sometimes reshuffles work in your favor. My last 2 yellows got reshuffled on to the main board and I just needed a stripe and stripe/wrap combo to finish them.

Anonymous said...

It took me four tries but finished with six moves left, no boosters and three stars. Even though it takes awhile to clear the cake it definitely pays off. All the check candies on the left immediately turn yellow and clear.

Anonymous said...

Another level with a glitch that involves yellow candies. I cleared all the special candies and was told I was still 3 short. There was no way to get more. Very unfair.

michelle mcbride said...

I did not touch the cake....
Easily cleared the special candies earning my 6 yellows...
1st try....
Surprised me too.
I say forget the is a distraction.

Jocelyn said...

The check mark booster makes this one easy and I agree that you should ignore the cake

Bill. said...

Used a check booster from collecting sugar bonus makes it very easy.