Candy Crush Saga Level 1140

Hints and tips for level 1140 Candy Crush Saga
First you need to open up the board by clearing some of the cream blockers, then use the conveyor to make combos and get them together.
The UFO's and colour bombs will help a lot clearing the jellies but try not to let the colour bombs self destruct as they can be used to clear the tricky bits of jelly between the holes in the board. 
Get stripes and/or wraps onto the conveyors and these can be used to unlock the UFO's and colour bombs.
Watch the candies on the conveyor carefully as it's easy to be concentrating on one part of the board and miss good moves somewhere else.
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Jane said...

Fun level! Used fish

Anonymous said...

This level us the pits. Horrible!!! King needs to update it ASAP!

michelle mcbride said...

I beat it 2nd try...
Played the bottom right corner. ..making moves to break the corner blocks.
I also would break the left corner when able...
Tons of choco balls created but never lined up with a stripe until around 8 moves left.
Then I switched them together..took out 90% of the blocks....but it kept making moves and then I needed one move....the saucers came out and did their thing.
Then it was Sugar Crush..
Patience....just work the bottom corners to open up a.bit....wait wait for the stripe/choco balls combo. ..
No boosters needed.

Van5 said...

First and second try...nothing, then tried the fish booster. Managed to get 2 chocolate bombs together which cleared a lot of cream. My saucers killed one of my chocolate balls, but managed to match the other with a stripe. Watched for the opportunity to make wraps and colour bombs. Fish cleared the last couple of tough jellies.Started in the bottom right which seems to clear easier as there is not so much cream there. Still, a difficult level. Good luck all.

Bill. said...

Need to get the chocolate bombs released which is difficult then combine with striped candy. Usual wrapped/stripped candy very good at clearing the jelly.

Anon lafy said...

I'm not quite sure what happened there, but suddenly I had sugar crush and it was done. Yes, I used one of my fish boosters and I did manage to match a sprinkle with a stripe. First try! Very surprised!

Anonymous said...

Beat in it third try. First and second try used fish boosters but they got in the way and limited moves and could not open board. Third try no boosters, had good board and played right down the middle. Made orange vertical stripe in right column and opened the color bombs.
The sprinkle where separated by green jelly, used switch hand to combine and cleared all but 6 jellies. Had enough moves left and good positions on the board to clean up the remainder. Fun one.

Suzie O said...

I must have had a lucky board because I beat it first try with no boosters... had a speckled matched with a stripe and the flying saucers did the rest.