Candy Crush Saga Level 1152

Hints and tips for level 1152 Candy Crush Saga
There is jelly under the cakes so they will have to be cleared using stripes and stripe/wrap combos.
These combos will also unlock the chocolate and release the licorice which falls down from the top right. but once you begin clearing the licorice you will get mystery candies falling instead, which often give good things like colour bombs and fish.
Keep looking for stripe/wrap combos as no candies will fill the spaces where the cake bombs are once they are gone so the only way to clear the jelly is by using special candies.
Work on the right side whenever possible to get the mystery candies.
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Van5 said...

After reading the tips, got this one first try. Tried to make as many combos as I could to clear the cakes. Used a hammer to clear the last piece of the left cake. Got rid of all the chocolate with 2 wraps together twice from the mystery candy. Was left with one jelly when the moves ran out, so used 9 gold bars form my stash for 5 extra moves. Used a hand switch to line up a purple stripe with a chocolate bomb and played one more move to get 2 purple on the board above the one jelly I needed. Was hopping the stripe would go vertically, which luckily it did. Good luck everyone. Onwards we go.

Anonymous said...

First try, no boosters, three stars, five moves left.
Was actually fun once I got the chocolate under control. Lots of Mystery Candies so
easy to get combos. The fish destroy the jelly under the cakes so that helps.

Jane said...

Oh my gosh. First try and I didn't even know I had it!

Anonymous said...

Second try...used a fish from my saved boosters & along with the ones given as I played it helped take out pieces of the pie.

michelle mcbride said...

Struggling...playing on Android....
No decent combos...candy eggs are duds

Bill. said...

Second attempt need a bit of luck to clear the cake then straightforward with usual combinations.

Anon lafy said...

Very lucky - got a sprinkle and stripe, then two sprinkles together. Finished 2nd try with 19 moves left. Great!

Anonymous said...

First try, using for one last jelly a hammer and then.....I saw a popcorn still at the right top side! However, I was very relieved when it did not need to be cleared and I got through anyway. Grace from DU

GC said...

The first and second attempts were mainly matching 3's and very little combo's. On the 2nd attempt I hadn't even cleared any of the cakes half way through. They were mainly stripes, and when the ?'s were released couldn't match them much with anything and I ended up running out of moves.
3rd attempt slow start matching 3's then some stripes and wrappers. These got things moving. More combo's and ?'s emerged and suddenly a lot of action. Finally got through with about 20 moves left.